About what I write:

What's up with the posts about being fat? About being depressed? 

I am a great advocate of self-acceptance and love.  Having been a fat girl all of my life, I have never known a thin me.  I'm still successful and beautiful.  This is a message more girls and women need access to, and one that I write about frequently.  I also use the word fat because I don't think of it as a disparaging term.  I accept what my body looks like, and more, I think I look pretty great, so to me the word "fat" is merely a descriptor.   

As for the posts about depression, I am living with PTSD and depression as a result of several traumatic experiences through which I've lived.  My writing about depression is a way of reaching out to others who may live with depression and not know how to talk about, or deal with their feelings.  I think that the level of secret-keeping our society does about mental health issues is appalling.

Update:  As an adult I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Its weird to have a new label put on you in adulthood, but I'm rolling with it.  On the one hand, its nice to have a reason for my... let's say... quirkiness.  On the other, it's frustrating that I won't get "better" per se.  I'm still very open about my mental health, as I don't think its something to be ashamed of-- I think that openness about mental health would actual help some of the problem.  You know?

Are you some kind of feminist or something?

Yup.  Some kind. Actually, if you wanted to pin it down, I tend to see the world from a Anti-racist/ Socialist Womanist perspective.  I have an undergraduate degree in Women's Studies (which means I studied it in school for 4 years) and a Master's Degree in Women's History.  I have written several articles on various feminist topics for several publications.  My favorites are "What They Did to Mama: The Myth of the Matriarch and the Development of Social Policy in 1960s America," and "No Man's Mama: The Jezebel and Matriarch Myths in Black Women's Blue Music, 1920-1950."   I'm not secretive or shy about it either.  I have it in my "About" section.  And I'm the kind of person (usually) that will tell you off if you are being sexist/racist/classist/ablist/heterosexist too.  Its my gift. 

Can I use one of your songs, pictures or writings on my website or blog?

It depends, are you using them to sell something or make money in any other way?  Then no.  Is your blog or website for profit?  Then no again.  My music is one of the ways I make my living, so I can't allow it to be used to make profit for others.  You understand, I hope.

About blogging:

What do you use to edit photos and graphics?

I use Acorn predominately-- It's great for photos.  When I do a tutorial on blogging, I usually use Picmonkey, because anyone with internet can access and use it.

How did you learn to do blog design?

In grad school, I was responsible for the History department's website.  They made me responsible for it because I traveled from out of town, and I needed a job I could do from home since "gopher for professor" or Research Assistant was out of the question due to distance.  The school paid for HTML and Dreamweaver courses for me.  I took some college courses in graphic design and web design, and I worked for a company doing web site UI design and font design.  Coding is a handy skill to have.  I've used it in almost every job I've had.    

Do you do blog designs for other people?

I have helped friends with their websites and blogs, but I don't design blogs for money any more since I work full time.

What do you do?

I'm a teacher.  Greatest career I've ever had.

Would you teach me how to re/design my blog?

I do tutorials on blogging once and a while.  If you have questions about something specific, contact me and chances are it will turn into a tutorial in the future.

If you have a question, please use this form to ask me.  Despite how stern my FAQ page seems, I don't bite.