Wednesday, 2 January 2013

25 Thing Fat People Shouldn't Do: Sit in a booth, Eat in Public & Drive

Here is the saddest thing I will admit in this post:  I used to NEVER eat in public.  I had tons of reasons for not eating in public; but they all stemmed from an experience I had as a kid.

I was a fat kid.  It happens.  And I was eating a funnel cake at a fair.  It was the best thing I ever tasted.  But as I was sitting, minding my own business, eating, a group of women who were in line for their own food, started commenting.  I can still remember EVERYTHING they said.  It was hurtful, and made me feel ashamed.  So as a way of protecting myself, I didn't eat in public for a long time.  Not even with my family.  Not even with my friends. I figured that if I didn't put myself in these situations, then people would have no right to make comments.  Clearly being fat wasn't my fault; I never ate out. 

The problem with my line of thinking was that my body was something to be ashamed of.  And by not doing things I wanted to, I was punishing myself for not fitting in.  It was like penance for being fat, and taking up so much space. 

Screw that.

Now I eat out all the time.  Its one of D's and my favorite things to do.  We like to try new foods and cuisines, and restaurants.  But sometimes, we just go out for an old-fashioned McDonald's breakfast.  And its great.  One thing we've been checking out lately is diners.

The awesome thing about diners is that the one we love is all booths!  And for this response on that stupid list, this place was perfect. 

And how did we get there?  I drove.

Now this is one thing on the list, I truly don't understand.  Driving?  Really?  I even have a little car.  And how am I supposed to get places?  Walk? Oh, maybe I'm not supposed to go anywhere at all. Whatever, listman. 

** Here are the 25 things I've already completed: Ride a bike; Wear a mumu; Make art of themselves; Jump in an elevator.  And you can find the list here.