Hi! I'm Stephanie!
This blog can be sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but there will always be more than a few references to 80s music and television.

About me: 
I'm a resident of Hamilton, Canada. I live in a not-so-tiny apartment with my awesome partner D and too many books. If I’m not at work, I spend my days: music-ing, podcasting, making up new words, wandering thrift stores, crafting and acting in community theater. 

I loveMy partner D, coffee, tea, music, tattoos, thrift store shopping, vintage things,  knitting/crochet, books, one of a kind and handmade things, feminism, general silliness, graffiti, bright colors, Polaroid pictures, and birds. 

I don't love: oppression, when DJs talk over the start of a song on the radio, changing the milk bag, under-hanging toilet paper, sitting in the backseat of a car, racism, rudeness, cold weather.

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