Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dirty Hippie DIY: Cure for the Common Cold

'Tis the season for coughs due to colds.  And a doozy of a cold has been going around my workplace.  I think I've caught it (or a mutated version of it) 3 times.  I think I'm starting on number four now.

But I don't like taking all sorts of chemically stuff when I'm at home and I can rest away my illness.  So I go the good old fashioned route and sleep and drink gallons of tea.  I have a special recipe for a mixture I drink in hot water-- it always makes my stomach feel better, and it usually soothes my throat.  And the hot water helps my stuffy nose.  And, it tastes good.  AND, there are no chemicals in it. 

There is no name for it.  I call it the "tea jar" in our house.  There are a few different versions that I've used, but this is my favorite.  You can make your own "tea jar" with 3 ingredients:

1/2 cup of honey
2 inch piece of ginger root
1 lemon

That's all you need for some soothing tea.

Peel the ginger root and slice it really thin.  Wash the lemon, squeeze some of the juice from the lemon into the jar and then slice it really thin.  Put the lemon and ginger in a mason jar, and shake it to distribute it in the jar evenly.  Pour the honey over the whole thing, and seal the jar.  Store it in the fridge.

You could probably use it right away, but it is better if you wait.  I usually wait over night, but a couple of hours is okay too. 

To use it, boil some water, and put a heaping teaspoon of the honey in your mug.  Pour the hot water over it, and sip. 

I think I'll go make some now, I feel an itch in my throat...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do: Jump in an Elevator

25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do is the brainchild of Jes, The Militant Baker.  After finding an idiotic and ridiculous list on the internet that proclaimed 25 tasks that fat people "shouldn't" do; she metaphorically and literally said "screw that," and  decided to do all the tasks on the list.  In her words, this list "ranges from the absurd to the profoundly shameful," so "[she] will be disproving this offensive notion with style."  I thought it was a brilliant idea; so I joined in

Jumping in an elevator is not much love in an elevator... (Yep.  Git yer Aerosmith jokes, right here.)  But it was a little fun to do something naughty and a little bit dangerous.

Ok, not that dangerous, but it worried D a little.  

We live in a high rise apartment building, so we ride an elevator everyday.  I should take the stairs more, but meh, I'm a busy person.  In the past, people have avoided letting me get on a packed elevator.  Once I got on the elevator anyways, and one woman complained the entire ride about how I shouldn't have got on, and how the other people should not have let me get on... About how we were probably over capacity in terms of weight now... And so on. So, I stopped the elevator on the next floor, and told her to get off.  She said she was on the elevator first, and I replied that she was the only one who was worried; so she should wait for the next car.  The rest of the people on the elevator agreed with me!  So she got off.  And there was more room and more laughing when she did leave.

What was the point of my above "victory" story?  Screw what people think of fatties in the elevator.  If they are uncomfortable they should leave. 

Also, I'm kind of sick of people thinking that fat people are going to break the elevator.  Its a really stupid notion-- And one that I don't put up with anymore.  So here it is, proof that one person can't break an elevator:

It is incredibly hard to get a not-blurry, good picture of yourself jumping in an elevator.  Nonetheless, here is me; jumping in an elevator.  And then we took that elevator downstairs to the parking garage, and lo, it was fine.  We also took the same elevator when we got home.  And it was still good.  

And now for you to leave with, my re-write of the lyrics of the chorus of  "Love in an elevator."   I've been singing this the whole time I was writing this post. 

Jump In An Elevator
Hoppin' it up while I'm goin' down
Jump In An Elevator
Hoppin' it up till I hit the ground

Click here to check "the list" of 25 things, and which ones I completed.