Thursday, 29 July 2021

How I Make my Pink Lemonade Earrings

For my video this week, I decided to show the process of making some earrings that I sell on my site  It's not a tutorial per se, but it is how I go about making polymer clay slabs and cutting out earrings.  

I like these earrings for the summer- the bright lemons and the deep pink- they are really happy little dangles!  Super cute!  I didn't show how I made the lemon cane that I use in the slab, but I can do a video about that if anyone wants one.  

I was inspired by some scrapbooking paper I saw- I thought "THOSE HAVE TO BE EARRINGS!"  And that's how these happened.  

ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoy this relaxing video.  You'll hear my voice again next video.


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