Saturday, 26 December 2020

DIY Earring Display

My statement earring collection may be out of control...

You may or may not know, that I cut all my hair off.  Yep, I'm one of those girls who, in lockdown, decided to go for the big chop.  And since then, I've been obsessed with statement earrings.  So I started making them.  And then, selling them here.  

As a result, I've increased my earring collection immensely.  And they were sitting in a box.  Which was frustrating to find to wear.  So, I challenged myself to make an earring display out of what I have in my house.  I couldn't buy anything new to create this, and I think it turned out well for repurposed items. 

To make this display I used 2 small jute canvasses, a roll of natural-coloured ribbon, some of those pearl stickers, a picture hanging kit and some glue.  That's it!  Its pretty sturdy, and it holds a lot of earrings- evidently- but I can still see all the pairs I have to choose which ones I want to wear on any given day.

And then I hung up my necklaces to complete my jewelry display.  I like it hanging over my dresser so that I can choose my accessories after I'm dressed.  

Not that I'm getting dressed all that much these days.  But when it's time to get dressed again, I'll be ready.


  1. These earrings needed to be displayed! So bright and lovely :) I've also been buying some items for getting dressed up, whenever that will happen. Did I need a pair of sparkly jeans? Probably not. But I have them now ;)

    1. I love seeing them! Its fun to look over and choose something to wear.

      I make sure that I get dressed everyday, since I teach online. I love putting on fun earrings though. It's something that dresses up what I'm wearing. Its a little bit of fun, because its sooo easy to not bother.

  2. This is so clever! I love how it turned out!

    1. Thanks! I like it too! It was a good challenge to use what I had.


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