Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Macrame All the Way!

I love learning new skills.  And I needed a plant hanger.  So I took up macrame and added another craft to my craft-lexicon.  Its relaxing.  But its not passive.  Its a lot of reaching (especially if you are working on a large piece).  But the results are really nice.  Its not the cheapest of hobbies, thicker rope is pretty pricey, so you don't want to waste it.  

But it is kinda quick, and the things you can make are really nice.  And its pretty quick to learn.  You can make nice things with 2 knots, and then you can learn a bunch of knots if you are so inclined.

This is the first thing I made.  I went for it.  And I learned a lot while making this, even though it only used 3 knots.  It hangs in my bedroom as part of Operation: Macrame my bedroom.  I'm going for a whimsical, but light theme for my bedroom, and this def fits.  It is pretty large too.  A little ambitious for my first macrame hanging, but I'm glad I powered through.

The other hanging I made for my bedroom is this plant hanger.  I got this lovely pot at the nursery I buy my plants from.  And its looks lovely.

I have a lot of plants.  So learning this has allowed me to hang my plants around.  One of my friends said it looks like "a hug for a plant." It does.

I have enough plant hangers, so I started looking for things I could make with knotted rope.  So I started making these coasters since I wanted some for our nightstands.  And I think they looked pretty cute.

I really enjoyed learning this, and I'm thinking of other ways I can incorporate macrame into my crafts.  Ooooh, maybe a lamp shade?


  1. Your macramé projects came out really nice! I love those plant hangers so much! I've been trying new hobbies too... most not going too well, ha. Half my plants are dead. Whoops.

    1. I live in an apartment, so I don't always have a lot of light. The trick is to get plants that suit your space. I get a lot of shade loving plants since I only get late day sun. And less in the winter.

      What hobbies have you been trying out?

  2. Hi first time visiting! These are all so pretty, very impressive! I grew up with a fair amount of macrame decor in the 80s, love that it is kinda hip again! 😊

    1. Welcome! I love making things- so macrame was a good step since I'm now into decorating my place. I wasn't before, but now that I have to spend so much time here, I found I wanted it to be cozier. And macrame does make things look cozy.


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